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Parkour is an art of movement. It's intention, finding the most direct path through any environment. It involves many techniques designed to teach your body to crawl, run jump, land as efficiently as possible while taking you under, over or around obstacles. Freerunning is what happens when you decide to add some frills and take a detour from the direct path. It often includes spins, flips and other embellishments.

Practicing these arts changes the way you move, the way you think about your environment and it transforms your body. Overcoming mental obstacles, developing ones physical prowess and training in proper techniques are the three most important aspects of this art. Denver Parkour and Freerunning is about getting together to share these three foundations while enjoying the support of like-minded individuals. It is about getting out and seeing our city with a freedom that you may never have felt before.

So if you would like to have fun, learn and get a workout that will have you counting every minute that you are too sore to do Parkour: Welcome!

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