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    Pregnancy loss can look like many different things—miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, termination for medical reasons (just to name a few)—and let me tell you: your loss is a true loss, no matter the timing, no matter the circumstances. And you deserve support and space to heal. This therapy group is for women and couples; a space to open up, share your story and bring voice to the aspects of your loss that all too often do not get the space that they deserve. We will also focus on coping skills that will help you move forward even as you experience grief and loss. Topics that frequently come up in this group include: - managing depression/anxiety - how to love your partner through separate grieving processes - coping with strained family and friend relationships - going back to work - body image, health concerns - intimacy after loss - emotional distance from your partner - spiritual and philosophical questioning.

    Our new group begins Thursday March 17, 2016. This group requires an eight-week commitment, with sessions held every Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm. The group will re-open to new members every eight weeks. Cost: $40 per session.

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