What we're about

Bringing together the brightest Quant Researchers, Traders, Developers, and students of STEM sciences with an interest in markets residing in the Denver metropolitan area. This group is open to all professionals and students in the industry, as well as curious free-lancers. Our events are structured as Socratic seminars around a particular topic or paper nominated by our members. From time to time, we may also invite academia or others from industry to give presentations.

Who is a Quant? A Quant is a curious individual. A Quant is someone is inquisitive, strong in mathematical reasoning, and someone who never backs down from understanding an equation. A Quant isn't just someone who works in finance, we work in many fields including but not limited to advertising, energy, engineering, logistics, and technology. A Quant is an innovator and life long learner.

Group Rules:

1. Be respectful of all members
2. No discussion of race or religion. Politics is OK if rule (1) is satisfied, and it's contextually relevant
3. Students under the age of 18 absolutely must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Past events (14)

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DQS Monthly Social & Networking Hour! [Virtual]

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Detecting Inefficiencies in Online Sports Books

Online event

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