What we're about

This is a confidential group where individuals come together to support one another in their grief. If you are ready to take the steps to receive compassionate support where ever you are in your grief and you would like to meet to share your story and heal from your grief, this group is for you.

As we know, time does not heal a broken heart or the wound of a loss of loved one. Instead, working on it, facing it and feeling it does. When we speak our grief and are given support by group members who are ready to express their grief as well, a powerful transformation takes place - the recovery from your loss begins.

Someone very special to me once said, "when you look at the ocean, you will see sets of waves. Never turn your back on them. Always scan the ocean and be alert as you enter her. If not, you could be swept away in an unexpected rip-tide or undertow." I liken this to grief. If we don't face it, we may get lost in it or never move forward; always wondering why we are plagued with feelings and reactions that belong to grief.

I will host discussions, special events for grievers and grief workshops throughout the year that will give you the tools to move forward and heal.

I invite you to attend and participate in these events and look forward to meeting you.


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Grief Recovery Workshop

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