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This meetup is for business owners and sales professionals who are growth focused and who sell B2B.

We frequently hold round table discussions, presentations, trainings and demonstrations.

Our goal is to leave with a renewed sense of motivation for business growth.

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Platt Park Brewing Company

Specialization in Sales: In the early 1900's Henry Ford invented the concept of the assembly line into the automotive industry. Before this time people would build the entire car from the ground up meaning one technician needed to know where every bolt went on the vehicle in order to make it work. The assembly line was such an ingenious tool because it allowed people to specialize in one or two different aspects of putting this car together. All of the sudden each technician mastered one piece of the puzzle and when you combined every person you ended up with a complete system that was more efficient and could crank out cars like a factory never could before. So my question that I want to discuss is this, what are people in the sales world doing to specialize? Our whole process can be broken down into steps: creating a list, qualifying prospects, presenting our case, closing and nurturing. These days a lot of companies are hiring a business development rep to take over the list and qualification process. But would the sales industry benefit from breaking it down and even further specializing those aspects of it? Come prepared to network and we'll see if we can get a little topic of discussion as well to bring some value.

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Grab a beer and chat @ Platt Park Brewing

Platt Park Brewing Company

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