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Denver Screenwriters (DSW)
A Screenwriting Community.  A High Lever Resource.  A Catalyst.

The Denver Screen Writers' Meetup is a screenwriting collective dedicated to connecting fellow screenwriters who want to increase their both their craft and industry knowledge. Our goal is to get your script marketplace competitive!

We do focus at an intermediate and advanced level, but beginners are welcome -- you'll just be learning at a higher level!
DSW is in the process of being recreated by its members, and so far, we know we will be featuring the following:

Ø Story Breaking Session - Writers will be chosen randomly to pitch their stories to Trai and their fellow writers and we'll evaluate the strength of the character build and arcs, the plot, the themes, and so on. THE essential development tool to make your writing go smoothly!

Ø Table Read Workshop - Writers will bring up to 10 pages of their scripts, cast it among the attendees, and receive a live table read and 20 minutes of workshop of what's working and what can be improved upon.

Ø Screenwriting Classes Discounts- Taught by a 30-year filmmaking pro, Trai will conduct classes that cover craft elements (ie, character build, structure, theme, narrative, etc. etc.) as well as business (ie, hacking Hollywood, writing the low budget script, pitch materials, etc. etc.). These classes will be significantly discounted for DSW members, but they will be offered to the public.

Ø Story Deconstruction - Sometimes Trai gets a hair up to break down the first 2-10 pages of a script, or conduct a script-to-screen review, or just go on a rant on a bad movie (we're looking at you, Argo!)

Ø Craftwrite Discounts -  Trai will also be offering to the public 6 and 8 week classes (Screenwriting, Advanced Screenwriting, Writing the TV Pilot, etc. etc.), and has an editorial business that has helped hundreds of writers get their scripts in shape for contests, fellowships, and pitching to agents and producers. DSW members will receive a 10% discount to all Craftwrite Services.  www.craftwrite.com

The DSW $12.00 annual fee is for access to the plethora of classes and workshopping opportunities. 
Click on the DSW Member Dues link below for payment and membership to the DSW: (A link to the DSW Resource & Script Library will be emailed upon membership dues payment.) 
You can make payment on the "Member Dues" link located on the left of this home page screen:

DSW House Rules: DSW Membership Feedback and Online Posting Policy
The Denver Screen Writers' Meetup is founded on the principle of cooperation and collaboration. Our membership enjoys a nurturing co-created environment of constructive feedback and encouragement. Any issues should be brought directly to the person to which such issues arise.
Please note that DSW postings go to the entire DSW membership, and the spirit of the entire DSW Meetup membership should be considered before posting.
Trai Cartwright Denver Screen Writers Organizer trai.cartwright@gmail.com

Upcoming events (4+)

Table Reads!

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Welcome to the Denver Screenwriters table read workshops! Writers will be chosen at random to have up to 8 pages of their screenplay, pilot, shorts, or web series episode workshopped each month.

You'll screenshare your pages and cast it using the attendees. We all read it out loud, and then give feedback about what's working and what could use some work.

-- Critiques are done with compassion and with the sincere desire to be helpful. If anyone is a jerk in giving their feedback, they will be instantly removed. Learning to give constructive criticism is part of the goal of these sessions.

-- Likewise, writers learn how to take critique in these sessions. Writers listen but don't talk -- and be sure to write everything down!

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Rocking Your First 10 Pages

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Ask a producer or agent how long into a screenplay before they know if the writer is a strong one, and they’ll tell you they can tell from the very first page. Ask them how many pages they’ll give a weak script before they give up on it? Ten pages. As a writer you only have 10 pages to impress your buyers, and as a storyteller, those 10 pages are crucial for cementing a stellar overall script. In this workshop, we’ll look at some successful screenplay first acts, discuss the essential components, and have a look at some of your samples. So bring along your first act and get ready to see how to supercharge your script! FREE CLASS

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Build Your Own New Media Empire

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Movies are forever and TV is golden, but the real action is in the digital realm -- and it's so easy to break in! You've got lots to say, so say it with a web series or a podcast, short bursts of storytelling, education, or inspiration. Learn the basic principals of content development for these mediums, and better yet, learn how to launch your own New Media Empire...for very little money or experience! Everyone has a short-form storytelling concept in them -- learn how to make the most of yours.

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Denver Screenwriters Story Breaking Session

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Wanna kick the tires of your story with a storytelling expert and your fellow screenwriters? Game to do it LIVE?

Join DSW organizer Trai Cartwright for an afternoon of story development. Take a close look at your character build and arcs, your plotlines, your themes so that when you write, you're writing right on target!

4 (or 5!) lucky writers will get to work through—and fix—their stories.

A logline and 2 paragraphs walking us through your screenplay, book, TV pilot, or web series.

Stories will be chosen by lottery that day.

We promise everyone will learn lots about story build and get inspired, even if your story isn't selected.

Feel free to bring a writer friend!

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