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MEDIA MASH UP: Athena Project & WIFMCO Deadline April 22nd
The first ever Athena Project / Women in Film and Media Colorado creative collaboration! In honor of our mutual missions to lift up women in the arts, we are staging the first ever MEDIA MASH UP, a celebration of an ancient femme-forward folk story told in three mediums: theatrical, short film, and podcast. A writer from each medium will be chosen to recast, redefine and retell the folk story Goblin’s Giggle, in which a bride is stolen away by goblins, but is rescued by her mother and a nun. When the goblins drink the river to catch them, they escape by making the goblins laugh. The main characters must be female, and at least one of them must be over 40. Writers must identify as women and live in Colorado, or at least spend substantial time here in the summer (to be present for project development). The writers will then be partnered with professionals in each medium to develop their projects, and then they will work with directors, actors, and crew from each medium to stage, shoot, and record their finished scripts. Crews will be led by directors and producers who identify as women. In addition, as part of the Media Mash Up format, the main characters in all three productions will be played by the same actors whenever possible. In August, the community will come together to share the retellings and have a chance to hear about the very different processes involved in the creation of each project. This premiere party will include a reception. With this project, we aspire to co-create a unique and femme-forward opportunity for local artists. We expect to hire no fewer than 25 local artists in the production of these stories and create volunteer opportunities for 50 or more. Writers may choose which medium they want to write in, and then they’ll have until March 30th to create either a 10-page one-act for the stage, a 10-page low budget short film, or a 10-page radio play/podcast script for consideration. In order to keep the short film budget low, feel free to interpret the legend into a modern day retelling, and be sure to keep the number of locations to as few as possible. We will not have the budget for CGI, so you must be creative in your interpretation or depiction of certain story events (i.e. the goblins drinking the river). It is free to enter! Deadline extended to April 22nd, so submit now for the chance to have your work celebrating women, past and present, produced by fellow local artists! Awards & Prizes You win a staged and/or shot production of your script, as well as the opportunity to work with professionals in your arena in its creation! Also, a big party in August to show off your hard work!! Learn More:

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The Denver Screen Writers' Meetup is a screenwriting community dedicated to connecting fellow screen writers who want to increase their knowledge, and join a supportive network to; improve our scripts, learn from each other and take their screenwriting to the next level.

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