What we're about

This Meetup is for Shopify store owners, Shopify Experts, and Shopify Partners who want to learn how to properly setup, migrate, and market their Shopify store via SEO, PPC, social, and email marketing.

Restarting Meetups!

I used to host one annual Shopify Meetup per year a couple years back here in Denver at Galvanize. Shopify corporate has been encouraging me to restart them; and now we're back, better than ever, and boy has a lot changed since we last met. I paused the Meetups years ago because my wife and I moved to the San Francisco Bay area, but now we're back in Denver in my home town and ready to talk e-commerce with our local Shopify business community.

So sign up for the group now! This was literally launched yesterday evening at midnight Apr. 8th, 2019; and we are going to be going over some heavy hitting topics that will help you grow your Shopify sales throughout 2019 on up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We plan on meeting every 3 months at Galvanize in Denver; and I do have an initial cap of 25 people per Meetup. Feel free to bring a friend, a colleague, business partner, or your wife, and make sure to RSVP with the amount of people attending so that way we will make sure to have the proper accommodations for our first Meetup on Thurs. May 2nd at 6:30pm.

About the Founder

Martin is a Shopify Expert and Partner and has been working with Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners for the past 6 years and running (9 years worth of industry experience total).


• Shopify - https://www.shopify.com/

• Galvanize - https://www.galvanize.com/campuses/denver-golden-triangle

• Constructive Roots - https://constructiveroots.com/

Location of Meetups

These Meetups will be up and coming, so initially just sign-up for the group and Meetups will most likely be held at Galvanize at (11th & Speer Blvd) at 1062 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204.

Our Goal

We look forward to the local Denver and surrounding community to be a part of this new community that we are starting. Shopify corporate is backing this Meetup to connect, grow, and empower local business owners in the growing e-commerce space locally here in Denver.

Upcoming events (3)

Google AdWords - Tips From One of the Highest Paid PPC Consultants in the US!

Galvanize - Denver (Golden Triangle)

Topics Please write any topics that you would like to discuss concerning Google AdWords and your Shopify store in the comments section below (ex: text, shopping, retargeting, display ads). Agenda 1. 80/20 Sales & Marketing 2. Google Shopping on Shopify 3. Retargeting on Shopify 4. Proper Conversion Tracking - Enhanced E-commerce & Pixel Installation 5. Attribution 6. CPA - cost per acquisition marketing (how to buy customers) 7. What makes a campaign a great campaign (ex: wholesale vs. retail, niche vs. broad campaigns)

Social Media Marketing - on Your Shopify Store

Galvanize - Denver (Golden Triangle)

Social Media Do's & Don'ts 1. How to save an insane amount of money on ad spend 2. How to properly target the right audiences 3. How to know if Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube are right for you 4. Paid advertising on all 3 social platforms 5. Conversion Tracking - how to properly setup pixels to monitor ROI

Email Marketing - Revamping Your Site for Spring, Summer, & Fall Sales

Galvanize - Denver (Golden Triangle)

Does your business slow down Q1, then slowly vamp up Q2 - Q4 of the year? Then this meetup is a perfect fit for you. If not, 90% of the information will still apply to you. So don't let this be a deterrent. The information is going to be interstellar. Agenda 1. Which platforms are the best 2. Which apps integrate easiest and are the most effective 3. Setting up conversion tracking and syncing Google Analytics 4. Best practices 5. The importance of segmenting audiences 6. Setting up sales funnels and landing pages 7. Split testing 8. Email marketing automation

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