Class: “Astrological Decans and the Pips” with Joy Vernon and Samuel McCabe

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“Astrological Decans and the Pips” with Joy Vernon and Samuel McCabe

You probably know that the Minor Arcana number cards can be associated with certain planets and astrological signs. But how did this correspondence come about? And what relevance does it have to the meaning of the cards?

The tarot pips are the cards numbered Ace through Ten in four suits. Minus the four Aces, which represent the pure form of the suit element, leaves 36 cards, three for each of the twelve astrological signs. Join us for a month-by-month discussion as we work our way around the zodiac exploring the three pip cards that correlate to each month’s sign.

Over 5000 years ago the Egyptians developed a calendar of 36 10-day weeks, each timed to the rising of a fixed star. Magical images were ascribed to the decans almost 2000 years ago, developing consistently for a millennia and a half before being rediscovered by the Golden Dawn in the late nineteenth century. Did these images influence the development of illustrated Minor Arcana as drawn by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite—both members of the Golden Dawn?

We’ll explore these topics with study, discussions, tarot spreads, meditations, and suggested rituals that can be performed to attune yourself to the wisdom of the cards.We’ll get inspiration from 36 Faces ( by Austin Coppock, Book T ( by Samuel Mathers, the medieval grimoire Picatrix (, and personal insight through engaging the cards meditatively and in ritual work.

The material covered is of an intermediate level, so participants will be expected to already have a basic knowledge of tarot.

About The Instructors

Joy Vernon has been studying the esoteric tarot since 1991. She is a tarot reader and astrologer at Isis Books ( and teaches tarot, astrology, qabalah, mythology, meditation, and ritual. Find out more at her website ( or follow her blog (

Samuel McCabe is a visual artist, educator, naturalist, and Tarot reader at Ritualcravt (, where he also teaches grimoire magick and mythology. He primarily reads Tarot de Marseille, incorporating numerology, traditional meanings, and hidden imagery. Follow Samuel on Facebook ( and Instagram @THEPEACOCKGRIMOIRE.