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Inspiring 4 Generations of Entrepreneurs to Launch Startups Together
Continue the process of finding your intergenerational co-founder and business partner. 4GenNow Why? Inspiring 4 generations of entrepreneurs (iGen, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer) to launch startups together How Achieve? Connect, match, and advise 4 generations of entrepreneurs to launch intergenerational startups What are We? International movement of intergenerational entrepreneurs from 35 states and 23 countries We believe the more diverse a team’s generational experience and interests, the more successful the team. Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennial and GenZ entrepreneurs all have amazing qualities that can complement their generational counterparts. We are bridging the gap between generations by inspiring 4 generations of entrepreneurs to launch startups together. Starting a company with an inter-generational team yields many advantages: -Diversity of know-how -Funding availability -Uncovering market niches and anticipating costly pitfalls -Wide variety of tech skills -Multidisciplinary thinking: acquiring insights from those with different backgrounds/experiences You'll meet other entrepreneurs and business owners across different generations that will help develop your business idea, inspire motivation and build relationships. Generational differences are a good thing and we will highlight all beneficial traits that will help you find your upcoming business partner to launch intergenerational startups... that thrive!


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4GenNow - Denver

We connect, match and fund four generations of entrepreneurs: Millennial, Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Z on how to found and build intergenerational startups. By connecting 4 generations of entrepreneurs, we intend to unleash an Entrepreneurial Renaissance to fuel economic growth in both urban and rural areas throughout the US and Europe.

Starting a company with intergenerational co-founders yields many benefits including: diversity of know-how, funding availability, uncovering market niches, anticipating costly pitfalls, and tapping into a larger pool of technological skills.

The 4GenNow Connection

It's no secret that finding the right business partner takes time. But with the right guidance and network connections, the process becomes streamlined and one might even argue — enjoyable! That's why we've created a lean matching and advising strategy to help get you on your way to startup success.

We offer training: How to find your intergenerational business partner, how to create an elevator pitch, and how to construct a compelling Lean Canvas for investors.

Power Partner Summits

Throughout the US and Europe link you to our 4GenNow community members with in-person networking, in-depth roundtable discussions and actionable presentations from successful intergenerational startups.

Post Summit advisory services include: How to find your intergenerational business partner, how to create an elevator pitch, and how to construct a compelling Lean Canvas for investors.

Are you ready?

Find your intergenerational partner or find your next great idea by joining 4GenNow – take the first step. Our international movement includes: (20) chapters around the world, an active online community and in-person Power Partner Summits to set you up for startup success. Additionally, our advisory services pre and post-summit will guide you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

What about Veterans?
4GenNow welcomes our veterans with open arms: “We need to be doing more to empower our veterans to succeed (– especially, since 25% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans want to start their own companies.”

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Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or launching your first company, whether you’re a college student or have been working for years … we invite you to join us right now! ( and begin the process of finding your intergenerational business partner and improving your intergenerational communication skills.

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