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I am a Broncos fan and I believe. I believe in Mile High Magic and Bleed Orange and Blue. I celebrate the drive and the Mile High Salute. I create the THUNDER, share in the common dream and will forever be a proud citizen of BRONCOS COUNTRY!

That is the mantra...that is the motto. How you choose to believe is up to you. The group is about an understated understanding among us as Broncos fans. It is my belief that the Broncos bring a sense of unity and peace among those who follow. It is a bond that spans both genders, all races, ethnicities, creeds and religion. It is NOT a fad you've bought into, it is a passion that has become part of you. We do believe we are better than any other sports team in the country because they created a basis for how a true fan nation, a true believer in the idea that anything is possible. With that...welcome to an extension of Broncos nation!

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