What we're about

Dads and Isolation... never a good mix.

This group helps At-Home Dads, Work-At-Home Dads, and involved fathers share great activities with their kids and other Dads.

The focus to create a environment for our children to interact with each other and have fun, while also allowing for some dad-on-dad dialog--something many of us are lacking.

Meetups occur around the Denver Area, and are both indoor and outdoor. Feel free to check out what we have scheduled, or suggest a meetup yourself!

If you are interested in facilitating meet-ups in your specific area of Denver, please let me know and we will set you up as an organizer.

Come out, share your experiences, and most of all, have fun with your kids!



(Please note, this is a group for dads. If you're a wife and mom joining for your husband, please have him sign up with his own account. We'd love him to join. We consider this a safe place for dads to meet, express themselves, and share with each other. Thank you for understanding and for your support of modern fatherhood.)

Upcoming events (5+)

Swimming at Southridge Rec Center (Highlands Ranch)

Southridge Rec. Center

Bring your swimsuits, towels, and a snack for the kiddos and let's have some fun swimming! When you arrive, tell the front desk that you are with Denver Dads (if you're NOT a member of Highlands Ranch HOA you have to pay, but I will try to negotiate a discounted rate for non-members of HR HOA).

Jump Around & Tumble Time

Active Athletics

Come and join dad‘s and their kids for some jumping around and tumbling! For the kids, please make sure they wear comfortable and active type clothes. Cost is only $5 per kid. Please arrive no later than 11:15 AM to allow ample time to fill out and sign the appropriate liability paperwork.

Dads at Happy Hour (free drinks!)

WaterCourse Foods

Come check out the happy hour at Watercourse Foods. Come by for a drink anytime between 4-6 and Denver Dads will pick up the tab.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Life Time Fitness


https://www.mylt.life/clubs/co/westminster/events/event-details.html?eventId=Ym9zczoyMjkxMDc2MDoyMDE5LTAyLTIz It’s at Lifetime Fittness. No you don’t have to be a member. $50 for non, $35 for members. I went last year. We had fun. My little girl loved the dance floor. This year she’ll be 3.5 and I think enjoy it even more. Not really a meetup unless you want. Go celebrate your daughter!

Past events (659)

Dads at Childrens Museum

Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

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