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Every 4th Wednesday of the month until April 23, 2019

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For our March meeting, we have a series of 8 lightning talks.

6:00: Networking/Food
Food sponsors by Okta and Ibotta.

6:30: Announcements

6:40: Lightning talks

Dev environments matter - Jason Legler
If you can’t fire off a command, and go to lunch and come back to a functioning machine, you’re doing new hires, coworkers, and yourself a disservice. Let’s use a cool example of how to automate this stuff so new employees don’t have to spend 4 weeks on their dev environment before they can be productive.
Jason is a software developer that has been writing code for 17 years professionally. He has lots of opinions, and changes his mind about them all the time. Don’t be shocked if he tells you something is awesome that he was railing against 3 weeks ago. He also complains…a lot.

Serverless facial recognition - Chad Baudoin
Chad will talk about using AWS Rekognition in a serverless environment to index and search for faces in an Instagram account
Chad is a co-owner and developer at Moonsault Software.

Event-based streaming microservice - Erik Franco
Incorporating Event-Driven Architecture represents a fundamental change in the way Ibotta thinks about data. Rather than events describing database transactions and operations, we can think of them as describing real world business events.
Erik is a Senior Data Engineer at Ibotta. He's helping pave the path towards implementing Event-Driven Microservices, in particular leveraging events to help power data analytics.

All the clouds - Travis Nelson
Travis will be putting a fun spin on continuous delivery into serveral differnt cloud platforms.
Travis is an experienced Software Architect and co-owner Moonsault Software, a boutique software development firm that builds data-rich applications. More than 15 years of development experience ranging from startups to enterprise companies.

Microservice secrets management: pain from so many angles - Justin Hart
Managing secrets in deployments has never been easy, but microservices has made it a many eyed beast. A quick overview of some of the options available, and one we've invested opensource time into.
Justin is Platform Architect at Ibotta, a Colorado native transplanted into California. Recently, he has been focused on tools of all types to help engineers deliver impact quickly, learning some golang along the way.

What's a service mesh and why do I need one? - Andrew Jenkins
Andrew will cover how a service mesh can help make it easier to manage microservice architectures.
Andrew is a Software and network architect for container environments like Kubernetes. He is currently the Senior Architect for Aspen Mesh, building out a production grade service mesh to help organizations take the burden out of managing microservices.

Up Yours, Now: Bring your worthless ideas to life - Andy Ennamorato
Great ideas are worthless without action. Same with terribly silly and fun ideas. In this talk, you'll learn how to use simple tools like apex/up and zeit/now to launch your best (or worst) ideas in literally minutes and for almost no cost. It doesn't get easier than typing a two or three letter command and watching ride use a serverless approach to take the world by storm.
Andy is a serial hobby project deserter. In between being a spouse and father, he likes to code, experiment, and read about all things tech. He works at Cloudability in Boulder and can be found stuck in traffic on 36 most mornings and evenings.

Adding a New Service to an Existing Microservices Architecture - Matt Dickenson
What does the process of adding a new service to your architecture look like? This talk provides a case study of adding new functionality to a front-end service, and creating a new back-end service to support it.
Matt is a software engineer on Uber’s Map Data team, focused on machine learning and computer vision. He also writes about software development and machine learning at

8:00ish: Drinks/Socializing