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The Denver Visual Studio User Group is a professional independent user group private volunteer membership association whose members are 100% committed to the Microsoft Visual Studio development tool set, emphasizing C# and everything you can do with Visual Studio (which is a lot)! Our formal meetings are monthly for feature presentations plus additional events through the year, including our twice a year Denver Dev Day event.

Our Denver Study Group is a part of the Denver Visual Studio User Group. The Denver Study Group gathers developers together on a series basis in a 'book club' format, but in our case it is a 'video club' format. We watch and study high quality video training courses at home/work/wherever on our own time and then we meet once a week to discuss the videos for that week and help each other with questions and answers -- it's all very casual. There is no instructor teaching us, other than the video instructors. There are no speakers and no prepared presentations or slides, but there is a moderator and often a technical advisor to help keep each meeting moving along -- Study Group members are the primary talkers.

Get the most out of your Denver Study Group!

(http://www.denvervisualstudio.net/StudyGroup.htm) Watch at home, then discuss at our meeting in person (http://www.denvervisualstudio.net/StudyGroup.htm#AttendInPerson) OR online (http://www.denvervisualstudio.net/StudyGroup.htm#AttendOnline).
What TO DO, Where TO GO, Quick Summary (http://www.denvervisualstudio.net/StudyGroup.htm)


http://www.denvervisualstudio.net/studygroup.htm --learn more about our Study Group

http://www.denvervisualstudio.net/ -- learn more about our User Group and join our e-mail list

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