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Evolution and the Nature of Reality
On November 11th, we discussed "What is Masculinity?" We talked about what healthy masculinity looks and feels like, how to strengthen our connection to the divine masculine, and ways to disrupt old patterns and make way for a new, healthier masculinity. This brought us to thinking about how evolution shapes the nature of reality, so on December 9th at 4pm, we will discuss "Evolution and the Nature of Reality". We aren't just abstract minds, detached from our bodies. We are humans -- animals who have evolved to become as we are today. Evolution is the process by which we are shaped. The traits that we express are the traits of our ancestors. We see the world in the ways that helped our forefathers to survive and procreate. On December 9th, join us for a thoughtful conversation about evolution and the nature of reality. We will explore questions like: - What is the nature of reality? - Where do our engrained patterns come from? How do habits form? - How does evolution work? - How does energy play a role in our reality? - How can we use this lens to better understand our perceptions in our own lives? Our intention is for you to leave with an expanded understanding of reality and a framework for interpreting your feelings, habits, and ruminations. If this resonates with you, please join us on Sunday December 9th as we discuss, "Evolution and the Nature of Reality" RSVP today! We hope you can join us as we build meaningful community, gain invaluable knowledge and empower each other on our journeys! • What to bring Notebook is always helpful. Please bring snacks to share. • Important to know Come as you are! Late attendees welcome. Donations appreciated!

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    What we're about

    Our Mission & Intentions for Our Community:

    We gather together to create an authentic, peer-led community where millennials can explore different aspects of their personal and spiritual growth. We aim to empower our members to question with authority, find their own truth, and develop a deeper connection to their inner self’s wisdom and spirit. Our vision is to build an engaging spiritual community where our differences are celebrated and our unique paths are honored.

    (While we specialize with the millennial generation (circa 1980 - 2000), we are open to anyone over 18.)

    What do we mean by spiritual?

    Our definition of a spiritual person is someone who has personally surrendered to a higher power, and is working toward a loving and harmonious present moment. This higher power could include natural universal forces which science can demonstrate through physics. We're open to all kinds of belief systems and spiritual/religious backgrounds.

    What are the events like?

    Each month we will learn about and discuss different relevant topics as decided by our members. We won’t be discussing belief systems per se, but instead cover topics that will support our growth and transformation. Special focus will be paid to evaluating the concept of “ego” and “ego death” from different perspectives such as Freud, Jung, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, neuroscience and evolution.

    Please check out our past events to get a feel for our community:

    In addition, we’ll discuss and explore techniques to:

    • Strengthen our relationship with our inner self, higher self or "wise mind"

    • Expand our knowledge of different spiritual topics

    • Improve our relationship with our self and others

    • And many other topics as decided by our members!

    We believe that by coming together as a community, we will strengthen our understanding of our unique spiritual journey, better understand who we are underneath our baggage, and be able to better recognize our soul's path and live our dreams!

    Join us! As we create a thriving spiritual community founded in unconditional love, serenity and empowerment!

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