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We run the following 3 Meetup Groups:

https://www.meetup.com/MentalHealthSupportNetwork (http://www.meetup.com/Mental-Health-Peer-Support-Organization)


www.meetup.com/Depressed-but-Enthusiastic (http://www.meetup.com/Depressed-but-Enthusiastic/)

Currently support groups are mainly located as per below, but always check specific event details as things do change:

DIRECTIONS for most support groups: We meet in the "Central Conference Dining Room" (1st floor, main hospital building) @ St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto).
Enter from the south side of central portion of St. Joseph's Heath Centre (Main/Melnyk Entrance). If you like, ask for directions to the Central Conference Dining Room from the person behind the main information window. Walk straight north from the south central (Main/Melnyk) Entrance towards the gift shop, then make a right before the gift shop. After taking a few steps, on your left you will see a double set of doors. Head north again through the double set of doors about 20-30m. On the right hand side of the hallway, at a corridor intersection, is the entrance to our private meeting room. The facilitators usually try to get there early to set a large sign outside of the entrance that says "Mental Health Support Network"

RULES FOR Depressed but Enthusiastic (DbE) MEETUP (operated by www.mentalhealthsupportnetwork.org)

1. Confidentiality – everything said at a Depressed but Enthusiastic (DbE) Meetup is confidential, unless otherwise stated. Everything shared with you from another MHPSO member both inside and outside of Depressed but Enthusiastic (DbE) must be considered confidential unless otherwise stated by said individual. Additionally no photos can be taken or recording devices of any kind can be used at our support meetings.

2. Non Judgmental of others.

3. Listen - please avoid interrupting others - The facilitator(s) will do their best to "chair" the meeting. The goal is we each take roughly equal share of time speaking.

4. Mindset: Come to serve and be served - The Golden Rule.

5. Everyone's voice counts! Democracy.

6. You are entitled to leave at any time, however it would be helpful to know why you are leaving as the feedback helps us.

7. No abuse to self or others. This would include talking behind people's backs about their personal challenges in their past, present or future. This also includes showing up. and with an offensive odor due to lack of hygiene; please respect yourself and the group by avoiding this.

8. Please no graphic emotional stories in the group that can scar others minds. Instead, please talk to a therapist or someone you might meet at our group that is willing to talk to you one on one, knowing that your story could scar their mind.

9. Listen to others “SUGGESTIVE SOLUTIONS” at your own risk. DO NOT GIVE “ADVICE”. We can only give “SUGGESTIVE SOLUTIONS”.


11. No sharing of videos, pictures, audio or any type of media that could be negatively triggering to other members.

12. Although we respect everyone's right to make their own decisions on religion and politics we ask you to please "park the need to discuss those beliefs at the door" for our support meetings. Politics and religion are not discussed at our support meetings.

13. If you are not someone with mental health challenges - what we call a "mental health peer", you can be asked to leave the group.

14. People who speak negatively about the good intentions of the Depressed but Enthusiastic (DbE) organization may be asked to leave the organization

15. Members or leaders who use the meetup messaging system for reasons other than to support the Mission, Principles, Values and Goals and spirit of www.mentalhealthsupportnetwork.orgmay be removed without notice. If you feel the need to message a facilitator please ensure your message is about the group.

16. We love new volunteers! However to have a LEADERSHIP role in areas of facilitation, or event hosting or committee chairs, please contact Robert at mhpso@yahoo.com

Who should not join?

- Research clinicians seeking test subjects
- Students researching mental health and seeking information/anecdotes
- Solicitors/investigators/doctors or psychiatrists seeking information or clients

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