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What we’re about

Curious about 3D printing? Already an avid 3D printer? Come join us! We'll meet on the 3rd Monday of each month and will focus on a particular topic for each meetup. In between meetups there's our Discord server:

Below are some example topics:

Materials - What types of materials are there, what are the differences, and how to print with them.

Support - Where to use it, what type to use, settings for using it, special support material (with dual extruders), and print cleanup after removal.

Finishing - ABS/Acetone Vapor, Gluing together multi-part prints, XTC3D, retouching, heat forming

Printer Modification - Common issues and fixes, tweaks/hacks, upgrades, and tuning

Slicing - The art of G-Code generation, how to optimize for the best prints, getting into advanced settings, slicing software, and best practices

CAD Basics - How to design your own models and make them 3D printable

We hope to see you there!

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