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Have you wondered what it would be like to know yourself more wholly, more completely, and use your abilities to create in greater ways? By showing up as the Real You, the Authentic You, you make choices that profoundly influence your life and the lives of others! When you show up pretending to be someone else, someone you believe others want you to be, you deny others the opportunity to experience what you really came here to give and you the opportunity to learn what you came here to learn! Discover what services the School of Metaphysics offers and how the study awakens and enlivens the REAL YOU. Create a deeper understanding of what metaphysics is and how you can create a deeper sense of self acceptance, self awareness and self direction. For more information: Email [masked] or call[masked]

School of Metaphysics

3715 University Ave · Des Moines

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This is a Meetup for those interested in the MIND and how to wield its power to realize their full potential!. All of us have untapped potential. The School of Metaphysics offers events that aid individuals in developing and enhancing skills fundamental to accessing the full capacity of the mind and the resources available to manifest their desires. Events, classes, workshops, and other interesting activities are intended to aid the individual in identifying and evolving habits, beliefs and thoughts that are limiting the fulfillment of their dreams. These events include experiences with concentration, meditation, visualization, dream interpretation, akashic record inquiries, peace proclamation and more.

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