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Looking to play DND? Or wanting to learn how? This is the place to come! Looking for some people who don't mind teaching the game or who have been wanting to learn it. If you want to meet other people and have a good time this is the place to start. Must be 18 or older to join. Needing some people to DM and who have the player's guide books, hand guides, ect.
Our Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/30459406339 ... Please join it.
Our Discord Group Is: https://discord.gg/s5YSeHx (https://discord.gg/QhT6uPx)

Please join and be active on our discord. Itll be faster and easier to find you groups. Fun active community seeking active members.

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Shane's DND Adventures

Des Moines

Running homebrew. Table is Full, check Discord for list of games with availability.

Game: Jordan's D&D Campaign

Jay's CD and Hobby

The adventure continues in this week's session of Adventures in Hymdal. This group is currently full. Please join our Discord and check out our other groups and events here on MeetUp.

Game: Dane's DND Group


This week we will not be meeting

Game: Tomb of Annihilation with Matt

1000 SE 11th St

Tomb of Annihilation hosted by @eodcoffman on our Discord. RSVP here Time: 3-7ish depending on players Length: i hope to make it through the entire ToA and maybe more. 6 players max

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Fallen Kingdoms

Mistress Brewing Company

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