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Baby Got Backend: To Server, Serverless or Headless CMS?

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Baby Got Backend: To Server, Serverless or Headless CMS?


As Sir Mix-a-lot once said, “My API don’t want none unless you off prem, hun.” Let’s take cloud deployed code one step further and ask: Do we need to spin up a full server to create a REST API? This talk will be an interactive discussion on the joys of deploying backend code and the new alternatives. We will start by looking at Heroku as an alternative to AWS and DigitalOcean for deploying a Django project. Then we’ll dive into using backends as a service (BaaS) like Firebase and wrap up with a demo of headless CMS platforms like Contenful. Demos of frontend clients will be in Angular, but similar practices extend to React, Vue and other JS Frameworks.

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Shift Interactive will be providing food tonight. Shift is a web and mobile software development company​ ​based in West Des Moines​. Comprised of about 25 ​strong​ that includes: UI designers, front-end developers, software engineers, mobile developers, project managers and more. Partner with a variety of clients ​- locally, nationally and even globally – ​to create custom ​tech solutions ​of all sizes ​ranging from company websites and mobile apps to SaaS platforms and IoT applications. Shift is always looking for new talent. Connect with them on Twitter, or Facebook
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