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CITIZEN WORKSHOPS FOR DESERT BLOCKCHAIN DESERT BLOCKCHAIN CITIZENS HAVE PRIORITY FOR RSVPS To become a Desert Blockchain Citizen go to: 2:00 to 2:55 PM Room 202 FUNDAMENTALS OF NAIVECOIN How to Guide to Make a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency - JAY CARPENTER, Desert Blockchain Linkedin: Workshop # 1 Leader HOW TO: - Create a blockchain, wallets & accounts in JavaScript - Transaction demonstrations on Raspberry Pi nodes - Working code at: - NO BLOCKCHAIN OR CRYPTOCURRENCY EXPERIENCE NECESSARY 3:00 to 3:55 PM Room 202 NODE-RED JAY CARPENTER - Workshop # 2 Leader Topics: - How can Internet of Things (IoT) controls be added to Blockchain? - Can devices be more secure with blockchain technology? - Why is Node-RED gaining popularity in the IoT community? - - 4:00 to 4:55 PM Room 202 A BLOCKCHAIN UTOPIA IN NEVADA? - BLOCKCHAIN LLC OPEN SESSION New York Times: Website: YouTube: Topics: - How could this 67,000 acre blank slate of land dedicated to Blockchain outside of Reno, Nevada impact Arizona's technology and innovation initiatives? - What could be the impact of a well funded Blockchain LLC initiative do with a $170 million tract of land? - Will Blockchain LLC leverage Burning Man which is near the new site? - Open discussion on Arizona possibilities for physical infrastructure innovation DESERT BLOCKCHAIN CITIZENS WILL HAVE PRIORITY TO ATTEND. SEE TO BECOME A CITIZEN OF THE DESERT BLOCKCHAIN COMMUNITY OR GO TO: TOPICS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE NOTE: ALL CONTENT IS INFORMATIONAL AND NOT A RECOMMENDATION OR LEGAL ADVICE!!! ASSUME ANY FUNDS YOU PLACE IN ANY CRYPTOCURRENCY REFERENCED IN THESE WORKSHOPS WILL RESULT IN A COMPLETE LOSS. ANY ACTIONS YOU TAKE RESULTING FROM THE INFORMATION YOU RECEIVE AT THIS WORKSHOP ARE YOUR CHOICE AND FULL RESPONSIBILITY.

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