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RTP singles welcome!
The name itself says enough about what this group is about. But, as we all know dating is hard, and arranged marriage even harder, this meetup is your chance to find someone you like.

There is just one rule:

If you are a guy and want to be part of group immediately, then bring in a girl you know and add her too to the group. Else you would join the wait line and would be added once there are equal number of girls.

If you are a girl: You are more than welcome to join just by yourself or add in more girls or add in a guy.

I want to ensure at all times there are as many guys as there are girls in this group.

Yes, I know, it's strange, but if you think about the practicality of it, it just gives every person a fair chance to get involved. (I kinda agree with Thanos about balance and all! :P)

I plan to organize meetups every other week.

Let's hope we all have fun while we are here! :D

Disclaimer: This group is not intended to be treated as a dating clinic, or a speed dating group. It's a group for single Indians who are ultimately looking to build a relationship. We would hang out as a bunch of singles and if you find someone interesting, you can ask them out :)

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Dave & Busters

Let's do archery!!

Lifetime Archery


Gonza Tacos and Tequila

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