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We are singles and have no time outside our 9 - 5 jobs to socialize. We go online to find people maybe of the same culture or different culture. Are you not bored of the online scene. Isn't it better to come and meet local people?

This group called Desi Dream will be for those singles in the NYC and nearby suburbs who want to meet people in real. There will be events such as Marathon / Dining Out / Picnics / other socializing events! Winter or Summer we will be very active.

We are different from other groups because we bring innovative INTERACTIVE events!

We are here to make some meaningful connections...meet and socialize...Let's leave SHAADI.com AKA BARBAADI.com and COME OUT and meet in REAL! DESI DREAMS - Making meaningful connections on this earth.

This is a new group so please promote it to all the singles to join this group. Its about developing friendships with people looking to meet people through safe measures such as this platform.

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Upcoming events (2)

Mid year event for singles (Grand Swayamvar)

Needs a location

Grand Swayamvar (one hundred singles)

Mid year annual all US speed dating event!

May 29th! New date!

Milan 2022 online only.


Any age over 27

100 Indian singles are expected from all ages. You can attend got any region and get to meet 100 singles from various regions.... In United States.


Singles without Kids (35+ Indians)

Needs a location

# Singles without Kids (35+)


Refund Policy: No there is no refund for this event! It is an online event!
Sharp on time please!

This is an invite for people without children.

You are all invited to the major singles event being held online....
All Indian Singles who have no children......Over age 35 only invited!
Your marital status: Never married, divorced or widowed
This is a video and audio based event.

Note 1: this event is time based the later you join say 30 minutes late you meet only 1 or 2 people that are left in the queue.

Note 2: You should attend only if you want to meet singles without Children.

Note 3: Any age over 35 (no upper limit) and the event is for people without Kids!

You will meet each person and go through rounds of introduction one by one online only.

You can ask for contact details privately to the attendees you talk to one on one.

Organizers won't be responsible to provide any contact information for anyone.

We will share the details of other events that may help you connect with singles in other states as well.

Desi Dreams

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Meet & Greet all ages

Needs a location

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