What we're about

Designers! We need to read more. And we need to talk more. And we need to meet more often!

Design Book Club, is just what it says on the label — an excuse to get disciplined about reading books that inspire us. We're going to pick a book every 1 (or 2) months and then aim to read it before the next meet up. At the meetup, we'll come together to talk about the book and discuss what stood out for each one of us.

We'll also throw in coffee & cake for the meetup, because why not.


What happens at the Meet-up?

• For every meet-up we'll announce a book. All attendees are expected to read the book (or atleast try their best!)

• We will also ask for volunteers and pick a Book Wizard.

• At the meet-up, the Book Wizard will present a short summary of the book (can be a short 5-15 minute presentation or just a short verbal summary, or even some trivia about the book/author).

• After this it's all a casual chat — we'll talk about the book and discuss more if there interest. We may organize some small activities that help us discuss the book more.

• Important: It's a requirement to order food from the venue. Doesn't have to be big, but please make sure you order. It's not easy to find places without a minimum spend — and there is no other fee for the meet-up. So please show your support for the venue & the club.

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Paul Rand: Conversations with Students

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