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DXN January 2018 - Jon Aizlewood

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DXN January 2018 - Jon Aizlewood


Kick-off your 2018 with another insightful, entertaining evening at DXN — this month featuring a talk packed with real-world best practice from Clearleft’s senior visual designer, Jon Aizlewood. Plus the usual free drink, networking, and announcements... a perfect way to mark DXN’s second anniversary!

Please get a free ticket via our website ( or RSVP here on Meetup.

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Jon Aizlewood (

Avoiding Frankenstein: Making design work in agile

Agile. It’s better than waterfall, and gets the job done. What’s not to love, right? I’m willing to bet you’ve worked on an agile project at some point, and if you’re a designer I’m willing to bet even more that you haven’t found it easy. In this talk Jon will share some lessons learned from working with large clients using agile. We’ll look at why agile creates Frankenstein monsters, and how we can avoid it via some common sense and best practice.
9A Beck St, NG1 1EQ · Nottingham
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