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For solo designers who don't want their skills to stagnate. Get feedback on works-in-progress, discuss the struggles of being a design team of one, and find a design community.

You’re a junior to mid-level product design “team of one” who wants to up-level your skills, learn how to set boundaries and get buy-in, and grow your community.

You want to break out of the echo chamber, meet other solo designers, and get thoughtful feedback on your work and process.

You want to build relationships with senior designers and discuss struggles with folks who are going through it or have gone through it before (and come out stronger on the other side).

If that sounds like you, this is the place for you.

I’m Missy, a senior product designer and consultant. I know what’s like to be the only designer at the company or on the team: feeling like you’re skills are stagnating, struggling to set boundaries, and unsure how to convince engineers and higher-ups the value of user-centered design. That’s why every month, we’re hosting an event for solo designers to meet with each other as well as with senior design mentors to:

• Get thoughtful, quality feedback on your work and your process from other designers who have the context of what you’re working on

• Discuss strategies on how to set boundaries, stand up for your users, and find like-minded allies

• Learn ways to do work that satisfies requirements and also pushes you to improve your craft and design thinking skills

• Get insights into working with engineers, executives, and other disciplines effectively.

• Most importantly, gain a design community to support and inspire you

***This is exclusively for designers at seed to series A startups who have no other designers in their organization. For your membership to be approved, I will need you to provide me the name or URL of the company you work at. (Sorry, this is not geared toward freelancers.)

Hope to meet with you at one of our future events!

Missy Titus
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