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Calling all Design Sprint enthousiasts!

We love product development and we love solving big problems. And that's why we are passionate about Design Sprints.

It's not just Google, Uber, Airbnb and all the innovation poster boy companies. More and more organisations enjoy the rapid problem solving and execution power of Design Sprints ⚡️

• Want to know what a Design Sprint* is? We'll show you.
• Want to get better at doing Design Sprints? We'll find out!
• Want to connect with innovative thinkers to talk, debate, drink? Join the group!

We are all about spreading the Design Sprint Method and create a community here.

We are located in Leiden, but the events will take place around the country.
The meetup language is alternating Dutch and English. Let met know what you prefer.

Can't wait for inspiration? Check out the sprint stories ( https://sprintstories.com/ ) curated by Jake Knapp.
Want to learn more from us? Check out https://www.1sprint.nl/

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