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How to give and receive design feedback

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Design, like most creative endeavors, is hard. The people that do it put a lot of time an energy into the things they make. They dissect problems from multiple angles, operate within constraints, make compromises, and test assumptions along the way.

Then comes to the time to present to stakeholders or clients. As they present the solution, it seems that everyone in the room instantly becomes a professional design expert. The creator becomes defensive and the conversation goes in the wrong direction - on things like button color.

Design is visual. People are visual and that prompts an emotion and sometimes a lot of opinions.

As a designer, we need to do a better job of selling the story, directing the conversation, and removing the ego out of the feedback. And for people who work with designers (business owners, developers, product people, marketers) we will give you some tips on how to deliver constructive objective feedback.


This meetup is open to everyone! The format will be part presentation and part workshop.

Our goal of the meetup is to grow the design community in St Pete / Tampa, make design more inclusive, and help solve community problems.