Design+Strategy No. 19: Have Post-Its, Will Travel

Design+Strategy: A design & visual thinking community
Design+Strategy: A design & visual thinking community
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107 SE Washington Street, Suite 700 · Portland, OR

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Venue notes: Street parking only; use elevator 1 to access the 7th floor

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All sorts of travel considerations impact your ability to deliver a great workshop experience. Time zones, language, culture, airports, sleep schedules, and more. Come join us for a panel and facilitated discussion about best practices in designing, delivering, facilitating, contributing, and creating value during workshops on the road!

We’ll have several frequent and seasoned travelers (including some who have worked on 100% travel schedules) to share their best/worst experiences, some tips and tricks and then lead a discussion so we can hear from you and you can share your best practitioner travel secrets!

Come hear from our experienced and entertaining panel group:

D+S co-founder Laura Allen has facilitated design thinking workshops in a variety of locations, the most exotic being Danville, Pennsylvania. She is an advocate for splurging on massages at the airport after a workshop away from home. Ask her to tell you how many times her facial piercing has *almost* been an issue when traveling to meet clients.

Matt Morasky has delivered workshops on four continents and more cities than he can easily count. He loves adapting to cultural, learning, and physical environments of clients. He doesn't love knowing everyone in business class is sleeping horizontally. Ask him to tell you the story about finding out the client’s office was two miles down a country lane (with no available transportation), or about one of the many times a remote project manager saved the day from a long way away.

Tom Bennett once facilitated workshops in nine cities in 12 weeks and was home only six days during that time. The farthest he went for a session was to Sydney, Australia, where they did five sessions in three weeks. Ask him to tell you about how his team used to compete for who had the highest stack of hotel door key cards. Spoiler: Tom never won.

Traci Jones is an experienced program manager and marketing lead who has saved the day remotely more times than Matt can count. Ask her to show you how you’ve been doing it wrong with post-it notes (mind blown).

David Hughes once facilitated an entire day long workshop in a client's hallway… that was filled with bookcases and art hanging on the walls. Ask him to tell you about his favorite hallway.

D+S co-founder Kord Davis will facilitate this event and discussion. He once lived in a Marriott Hotel for nine months on a remote project. Ask him to tell you how many times he’s sent his mom to Hawaii on his frequent flier miles.


5:30 Doors open! Eat, drink, meet new people!

6:00 Introductions and agenda

6:30 Panel and facilitated discussion

7:30 Wrap-up and Plus/Delta

8:00 Post-panel drinks

We’re thrilled for our first event of 2018 and hope to see you there!