What we're about

Design Thinking Cambridge aims to bring together people from various industries, backgrounds and roles to collaborate, learn and exchange design thinking skills, methods and experience in order to create meaningful change to the innovation ecosystem.

Our vision is to build a community of design thinkers & doers, service designers, innovation catalysts and creative change makers, passionate about design thinking as a way to accelerate innovation, establish creative culture and address the most complex challenges of society, businesses and individuals.

What is Design Thinking?
Design Thinking is a systematic, iterative method for innovation and creative problem solving that is deeply rooted in human-centered design. It is a mindset, a process, a toolkit, and a way of tackling innovation challenges.

Who should attend?
We invite all design thinkers, innovation catalysts, change makers, as well as anyone who is curious about design thinking, creative problem-solving, and anyone currently trying to build an innovation culture in their organisation.

Why should you join us?
Because we believe in power of strong and forward-thinking community that is excited to share new ideas, use-cases, methods, experiences, and stories with anyone eager to learn and expand their horizons. We stand strong on learning by doing in each event, whether it’s a workshop or a presentation.

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