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Design Thinking DC is an action-oriented community of innovative change makers who come together to share knowledge and experience in order to solve complex problems.

Inspired by the human-centered design movement, we connect people from all professional backgrounds who seek to make the world a better place through community-based problem solving.

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Tear Down Lab: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes

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Have you ever experienced "vuja de"? Vuja de happens when you see something that you have seen many many times before, but with the sense that you are seeing it for the very first time. French novelist Marcel Proust once said, “ The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” If you want to find new innovation opportunities you have to view the world around you with fresh eyes and ask yourself "Why are things the way they are?" . Come join us to see the world with fresh eyes. We will break down ordinary objects into their component parts and see the objects with new eyes. In this immersive activity, you will spend time with a team "tearing down" clothing, sports equipment and appliances . We will provide the tools and you will provide the imagination to disassemble the object you choose. Once the object is torn down into its smallest parts, you will spend time making observations about the object and asking questions like: What types and number of materials are required to produce this object? Did the object's designer make smart and safe material choices? Are there better alternatives? Is it possible to meet the user's needs without wasteful materials? What is the impact on the wider system? Design choices at the micro level have a profound impact on the macro world, whether you are designing objects like a pair of jeans or services like healthcare for seniors. Choices matter. Once we have finished making observations about each of our products, we will spend time applying the lessons learned back to our own worlds to better understand the design choices we are currently making. You will leave with a new understanding of your own design choices and new opportunities to create value for your own products or services. Plan to arrive early. The activities build on each other and if you miss the start, you will miss the opportunity to participate in the activities. Space is limited! What you'll learn: * How to tear down a product into its component parts * How to see the world with fresh eyes * How to make better choices for your own products or services * What the advantages of immersion activities are over other discovery techniques * The potential limitations of immersion activities This agenda is jam-packed and we can't wait to run you through the activities! Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and have fun? Come with an open mind and lots of energy. Agenda 6:30 - Networking 6:45 - Introduction to the Tear Down Lab 7:00 - Tear Down Lab 8:15 - Debrief 8:45 - End About the Facilitator Karen Hold is a design strategist who specializes in building creative capacity in individuals, organizations and cities. She thrives on helping her clients innovate and adapt to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. Karen has extensive industry experience across many sectors including telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, publishing, non-profits and education. Karen is the Director of DT:DC.

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