Price: $5.00 /per person
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This workshop will focus on doing and making and is about using a ‘design’ process in approaching problems you'll face in an established organization or as an entrepreneur.

Attendance preference will be given to those who have not attended at DT:101 course in the past.

What you'll learn:

* What it really means to do user-centered design

* How to start with empathy instead of solutions

* How to define a nuanced problem and point of view for your design

* How to ideate and brainstorm like a madperson

* How to prototype like a wizard (No drawing or building skills required!)

* How to test your prototype and rinse+repeat

This agenda is jam-packed and we can't wait to run you through the activities! Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone, innovate and have fun? Come with an open mind and lots of energy.

(Note: Please don't be late. The activities build upon each other and if you miss the start, you can't catch up.)

How can you prepare? If you feel so inspired, dig through your home or office to find prototyping materials for which you are NOT emotionally or financially attached (you won't get them back). Rapid prototyping materials can be anything from LEGOs to sticky notes, Playdough to dixie cups, styrofoam squares to Weeble Wobbles and everything in-between. We will have plenty of prototyping supplies on hand so don't stress if you can't bring something.

Crash Course Agenda

6:45 - Network and Partner Selection

7:00 - Introductions and Warm-up

7:10 - Design Thinking & Crash Course Introduction

7:20 - Crash Course (hands-on immersion in design thinking methods)

8:35 - Crash Course Debrief and Cleanup

8:55 - Announcements

9:00 - Close


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