Design Thinking Hands-On / Hackathon!


Developing Energy Saving Practices for Office Employees -- Using DT to develop behavioral strategies.

This event will engage participants in design thinking to develop real world solutions to energy efficiency in the workplace. Specifically, participants will develop strategies that empower office workers to reduce the electric use from plugged in devices in their workplace, thereby conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sponsored by the DesignThinking MN Meetup Group, researchers from the Center for Energy and Environment, and LHB, this half day session is intended for anyone who is interested in design-thinking, energy efficiency, and/or behavior.


9:00 am Welcome and Introductions (Curt - host)

9:10 am Overview

Description of CARD project

-- what are our strategies

-- what are we measuring

Explanation of design thinking

What is behavior (BJ Fogg model of behavior: Behavior = Motivation * Ability * Triggers)

Background on commercial building behavioral projects

Goals for the day (Creative brief?)

9:30 am Small group design-thinking work (each group w/ facilitator)

-- Empathize

-- Presentation of pre-interview results

-- Define

-- Dog and pony (gadgets - smart tech, IoT)?????

-- Ideate

-- Prototype

Noon Working lunch (provided for all participants)

-- Prepare presentations

1:00 pm Presentations

1:45 pm Wrap Up

2:00 pm Adjourn

The day will include:

Description of CARD project

Background on commercial building behavioral projects

Presentation of pre-interview results with stakeholders

Small group design-thinking work

• Empathize

• Define

• Ideate

• Prototype

Working lunch