What we're about

Design Thinking is a well-established process of creating new and innovative ideas that can be applied across all manner of challenges in any business environment. It’s both a problem-solving mindset and a practical methodology for innovation, providing a repeatable framework by which anyone can be creative.

Popularised by the US consulting firm IDEO and the Hasso-Plattner-Institute of Design at Stanford University in California, design thinking is quickly becoming a foundational approach for creating better user experiences, products, services of all kinds

It focuses on 1) understanding the underlying needs of users, 2) developing the most innovative way to address those needs in a manner both feasible and viable, and 3) testing concepts in an iterative progression that leverages a "fail fast, fail early" philosophy.

Our Aspirations:

• To improve our design thinking skills and practices -- particularly those related to user research, creative ideation, divergent and convergent thinking, problem framing, and prototyping.

• To encourage the exploration of the unknown and comfort with ambiguity, in order to create breakthroughs and new and innovative ways of seeing.

• To help every person here to have greater creative confidence to be more empathetic and to have a better impact on the world.

• To encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning.

• To facilitate a mix of face-to-face and virtual communication, as a means of sharing ideas.

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