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What we're about

Mentoring on professional and personal development for designers and design-related product roles. (Mainly looking for a job, clients, or general networking? → wrong group, sorry.)

👉 This group is for you if you are already working in design and need support with growing yourself and your career. We focus on (digital) product design, service design, strategic design, brand, design research, and partly product management. Other flavours of designers are welcome, nonetheless. All of these rather in product organisations and design orgs working with these, excluding advertising (the ad-industrial complex is a walking dead, anyway – read Jules Erhardt’s brilliant ‘State of the Digital Nation 2020’ and get out of this bullshit business :)) We are here to help with any topic on professional development as a designer such as:

• Evolving from junior to senior to expert

• Transitioning from maker to manager

• Cross-boarding to and from other disciplines such as product management , engineering, research, …

• Making sense of the skills you have and the skills you might need to develop

• Clarifying what kind of design role suits you

• Choosing the right environment for you to work and prosper (agency, consultancy, startup, corporate, …)

• Finding a mentor (or – vice versa – a mentee if you are already more senior)

…and others.


☝️ This group is NOT for you if you…

• do not work as a designer or in a design-related role such as product management or engineering yet

• mostly need help with selling yourself and networking: getting a design job, acquiring clients, portfolio, …


🌟 We embrace a welcoming, respectful, inclusive, non-judgmental atmosphere and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct (https://berlincodeofconduct.org/). In order to keep the topics relevant and make our meetings worth your time we curate membership.

Past events (4)

DYDC #4 – Open Mentoring

Needs a location

DYDC #3 – Peer Mentoring & AMA (☝️Remote Session)

Remote / Livestream

DYDC #2 – pace layers of professional development


Designing Your Design Career Kick-Off

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