What we're about

This group is for you if:
-You're a spiritual woman in business and want to make bank and magic doing what you love.
-You're obsessed with things like astrology, meditation, ayurveda, human design, energy healing and the list goes on.
-You want to spend your precious time doing something you're passionate about.
-You feel like you're meant for SO MUCH MORE and you're DONE playing small.
-You're ready to live a life where you go after what you want and stop waiting for the "right time".
-You're convinced that the world is a better place with your business in it.
-You're MORE than willing to commit your time and energy to go after your business dreams.

Sound like you? If you're nodding at your screen, then get your booty in here.
But hey, it's probably not for you if:

-You just wanna make a little extra cash (money's great but if that's the driving force behind starting your business, you'll probably burn out).
-You're not willing to do the work (through these free meetups I'll show you the most effective ways to build your business fast and make the money you want, but there's no shortcuts here, you gotta do the work).
-You don't love to support other people (these meetups are full of women cheering you on, if you can't do the same, might not be the best fit).
-You hate to hear people cuss (sorry, I won't hold back especially when I'm hanging with a bunch of kickass women).
-You're still making excuses like I don't got the time, the money, or the know-how. Honey bee, where there's a will, there's a way.

Glad we got that cleared up. So you in?

Hope so, meetups are usually every month and they're FREE. I have a feeling you're gonna change so many lives and get that paper coming at you in no time.

Here's a bit more about me if you're curious <3

Kimberly Lucht is a coach and energy healer who helps women make bank and magic doing what they love.
Degree-trained in psychology, Kimberly has previously directed and grown multiple start-ups that help women blast through limitations and be a force for change. As a coach and healer now, she’s helped dozens of women massively increase their income, productivity, and overall fulfillment in life through masterclasses, in-person workshops, online programs, energy healing, and one-on-one coaching.
Kimberly has been featured in Money, Business Insider, Create & Cultivate, Greatist, The Select 7, and Well + Good. She currently lives near New York City.

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