September design lab

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Welcome to the Berlin design lab 🇩🇪

We're a friendly bunch! We are a community of designers that get together to talk shop, share ideas and designs, and get to know one another.

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🏆Raffle & Giveaways
Thanks to our sponsors at Sketch we will be giving away two FREE Sketch licenses and a FREE conference ticket in a raffle. Show up, collect your raffle ticket and the winners will be announced at the end.

Do you want to donate or gift something to the community for a raffle? Maybe a conference ticket, maybe some lush stationery, maybe a puppy (only joking, puppies are for life, not just for raffles). Then give us a shout and we'll add it to the raffle.

(Please do not arrive later than 7 pm, as we cannot promise access to the building)

🗓Schedule 🗓

6:30- Open for arrivals & drinks
6:55 – Welcome & introduction
7:00 - Talk one
7:15 - Q&A
7:20 - Talk two
7:40 - Q&A
7:45 - Break
7:50- Talk two
8:10 - Q&A
8:20 - Open Mic Session*
8:30 - Raffle & close event
8:35 - Networking
9:00 - Event close

⚡️Talk: Designing for sustainable cities

As designers, we have a unique role in tackling the critical ecological and social challenges that face us. What can designers do to contribute towards and help shape the future of our cities?

Speaker: Loki English

Loki English is a product designer at WeShare, an urban mobility platform that offers 100% electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.


⚡️Talk: Dark Patterns and Ethical UX

When we talk about digital design, what do we mean by confirm shaming? Or a roach motel? Or privacy zuckering? These and many more are examples of bad design. On purpose. We call them Dark Patterns. In this talk, I want to share with you the interdisciplinary recipe that got us here and reason up from first principles through a historical perspective. Lastly I will offer my suggestions for better understanding our choices, both as people and designers.

Speaker: Andrei Stroescu

My background is a mix of music studies, computer science, business strategy and web development. I learn about seemingly disparate domains in order to find unique insights. Curiosity and a passion for observing how people think led me to UX design - which I see as a placeholder for almost anything related to a digital product.


⚡️Talk: Future Mobility and User Experience.

Showcasing Transportation Disruption and Concept Solutions of the New Age with the User as a Key-Player. New Transportation Interior Solutions for Highly Automated Mobility as well as holistic User Experience Design.

Speaker: Sofia Lewandowski

Sofia is a hybrid in Interaction-/ User Experience and Transportation Design disciplines. She is passionate about autonomous vehicle technologies, interaction design concepts and innovative user experience designs. Sofia is currently focused on autonomous vehicle user experience and transportation interior design at HFM. This includes the definition of virtual reality interior designs and concept development for highly automated vehicle platforms - “Motionboard".


🎤Open Mic Session

Here is where you put your big, brave pants on and jump on stage. This is a safe and open space for you to speak to your fellow designers. Perhaps you’re looking for feedback, partnership or advice on a project you’re working on or simply have a question. Well, this is your moment. You can ask the group and further the conversations in the social after.

✍️Contact [masked] if you are interested in speaking, hosting or volunteering.

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