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What we’re about

Connect with local designers & developers.

The DesignOps community helps you connect with others, share your experiences and level up your craft.

Free thinking individuals for the most dangerous design meetup in Sydney. Low corporate appeal, razor-sharp bleeding edge, long periods of complete uncertainty. Safe return to prior design workflows doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.

DesignsOps helps you look forward to coming into work each day, and reduces the distance between design and development closer to zero.

Scaling your design team? Building design systems? Creating a single source of truth for designers and developers? Going rogue to make it all happen? Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Everything you wish you could do in the future — we do it today.

About DesignOps

"DesignOps is an approach which encourages collaboration across design, product and engineering. The aim is to make design processes as scalable, robust and rapid as those in development, without jeopardising quality or creativity.

As companies mature and invest in design, they need to operationalise workflow, hiring, alignment between teams, and more so designers can focus on design work while someone else takes care of the rest. Creating these centralised services and systems helps grow integrated, high-functioning teams at the best companies in the world."

– Invision