DesignOps #3: “Is Your Design Practice Healthy?” with Dave Malouf

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DesignOps Sydney is coming at you, online ⚡️

We're bringing you, Dave Malouf, live from New York, for a Friday lunchtime session on measuring design.

Dave co-authored the DesignOps Handbook and is a leader in the field of DesignOps. We're excited to have him speak to us.

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👨‍💻Dave Malouf, Senior Director of Strategy & Operations, Northwestern Mutual
“Is Your Design Practice Healthy?”

Well, is it? How do you know? What is a healthy design practice? What do you need to be doing to have a healthy design lifestyle, a healthy design life? In this talk, we’ll talk about what is a healthy design practice, how to assess it, and how you can monitor and maintain your organization’s health goals and why they are important to help your design practice with their goals to help the business, its stakeholders, and its customers.


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