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Designed by God is a Christian-based alternative advocacy and resource ministry for parents with exceptional (also referred to as 'special needs') children. God has made each of us fearfully and wonderfully. This group is for parents with perfect children living in an imperfect world. We all have special needs, some needs may be more challenging than others. Nonetheless, God has specially designed each of us and our children. He has given everyone a specific purpose.

From my experience having a special child has been a journey. While I have learned a lot, I certainly have not gotten it all right. There have been many hard days, even harder nights and a lot of tears. However, by the Grace of God we all have survived and are more than conquerors. It is through this journey I have learned how special our child really is.

Over the past 20 years, there have been certain challenges that I needed to have or wish I knew of alternative methods that would help in overcoming and/or easing those challenges. This support group is a venue designed to help parents understand their child's purpose and to share alternative ways in helping our exceptional children, including adult children, live better, stronger, longer and healthier lives.

All are welcome to join the events posted here. In addition, this page is also a forum to ask questions, give suggestions on support group topics and most importantly ask for help.

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