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Destiny Arising (http://www.destinyarising.net) exists to teach, strengthen, and release a community of women to complete their purpose.
Our Goal to Empower Women to Confidently Pursue and Fulfill their Destinies in ALL Spheres of Influence.
Business/ Education /Family/ Faith /Arts/ Entertainment Media/ Government.

NOTICE Announcement: • Important to know:Please be aware, we value your RSVP as a commitment.

Repeat offenders will automatically be moved to the wait-list for:1)

RSVP "going" and not attending the meeting 2) Changing RSVP from "going" to "not going" less than 24 hours before the meeting begins Understandably, cars break down & people get sick which is why we run on a "3 strikes and you're wait-listed" policy.

We thank you for your understanding as we do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to attend our meetings.

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