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Join us in our Tracking Outings for low-impact easy to mild walking experiences of the natural and built environments in and around Detroit. Of course animal foot prints are super cool - but it can be said that anything in the environment can be seen as a Track. When we open our awareness, allow our curiosity to guide us, move mindfully and expand our senses, then our perceptions might shift remarkably. Natural tracks and sign- and any human impacts as well- may draw us into minute details or expand our awareness to the greater symphonic dances of time, space, matter and energy. Engaging in this kind of open-ended inquiry with others may facilitate a greater sense of connection to the environment, self, and other that is less common in our hustling and bustling lives. Whether your mood is detective-like, joyful, in awe, or more quiet and internal, there is space for you to be you when you are tracking with us (or just enjoying a walk with us).

While urban and suburban areas appear to lack abundance of natural life, there is much movement and 'imprints' are everywhere, yielding often overlooked opportunities to share learning, immerse, connect, and perhaps blend anywhere we go and with whomever we find ourselves. With an open spirit of curiosity, inquiry, questioning, and respect, we can perhaps grow more feeling of connected-ness to self, to the land and its people and non-human inhabitants, and with all the life forces moving through.

At this point, only service dogs will be welcome on the walks (unless we discuss in advance and determine that your dog joining us would not inhibit the intentions of the meet-up).

Any invitations or inspirations to explore and track in other areas are always welcome to be shared, organized and led by you/ others!

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