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Are you an introvert, shy, or highly sensitive person? Do you enjoy being around people but feel drained after a long day of social interaction? Are you in a profession or pursuing a career that requires you to stretch outside your social comfort zone?

Detroit Area Introverts Unite!

Introverts are such a unique, misunderstood group of people. We are re-energized by being alone with our thoughts and creativity, as opposed to those who are extroverted and feed off being around people. If you are like me, you greatly enjoy being around others, but it can be difficult at times to meet people and socialize. If your work demands a great deal of interaction, it can feel like you are always trying to overcome your natural tendencies. We must manage our energy carefully and make sure we have our down time.

We are socially unique people who have so much to offer to society!
Does this sound familiar to you?
• You enjoy less noise, less crowds, and more 1:1 interaction
• You focus on listening first, and talking second
• When you are around others you are comfortable with, you might come across as an extrovert
• You have excellent social skills, but you struggle getting the introduction or the conversation started
• Sometimes you feel like an outsider in a world that seemingly looks for extroverts as leaders

Introverts are some of the most intelligent, loyal, hard-working, and interesting people around. Many famous people and successful leaders are introverts. Detroit Area Introverts Unite is here to help you meet other people who are like you and want to get to know others who understand your unique gifts!

This group is for getting to know others, understanding how your personality affects your social interaction, and learning and practicing skills to live a happy and fulfilling life. If you are a business professional, it would be wonderful to hear your story and how you’ve learned to balance your introversion and use it to your advantage!

Let’s make this a safe, friendly environment where people can feel right at home. The goal is to meet people with similar interests, professional goals, and a desire to forge relationships.

If are a shy, introverted, or highly sensitive person in the Detroit area, and you want to get to know other like-minded people, you’ve come to the right place!

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Coffee Meetup in Royal Oak

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters Royal Oak

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