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This group is for entrepreneurial interested individuals who can see the value in coming together with other interested individuals and collaborating on business ideas and investments. The ultimate goal of this group is to find a core group of individuals who can see the value in leveraging each others skills , investing in revenue generating projects together and building a profit based business together. Sort of like a venture capital group.

The end goal would be to find several business minded individuals to build the core team and form a business together. I anticipate a pool of several individuals each contributing 500 to 1000 in the initial project and then leveraging each others skills and talents to complete the projects in order to generate revenue for the company and then move on to the next project using the profit from the original project.

The plan is to do initial meeting in downtown Detroit or a surrounding suburb and then scale to once a month meetings to monitor progress and go over results. Can you see the advantage of a business model like this? I certainly can and would love to start forming a group to do just that. Initial meeting will be set once interest is judged from respondents.

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