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This group is for entrepreneurial interested individuals who can see the value in coming together with other interested individuals and collaborating on business ideas and investments. The ultimate goal of this group is to find a core group of individuals who can see the value in leveraging each others skills , investing in revenue generating projects together and building a profit based business together. Sort of like a venture capital group.

The end goal would be to find several business minded individuals to build the core team and form a business together. I anticipate a pool of several individuals each contributing 500 to 1000 in the initial project and then leveraging each others skills and talents to complete the projects in order to generate revenue for the company and then move on to the next project using the profit from the original project.

The plan is to do initial meeting in downtown Detroit or a surrounding suburb and then scale to once a month meetings to monitor progress and go over results. Can you see the advantage of a business model like this? I certainly can and would love to start forming a group to do just that. Initial meeting will be set once interest is judged from respondents.

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Venture Group Formation Meeting

Royal Oak Community Center

This is our first official get together. Please only attend if you are serious about forming a venture capital group. During this meeting the goals are to find out about each other and what skills and experiences we each bring to the table. I will have forms for everyone to fill out to help with this. We will also discuss generic names for our group and plans going forward such as the formation of an LLC and eventually a Corp. We can keep things as simple as calling ourselves the D.E.B.G or come up with whatever we wish. We will also get the ball rolling with project ideas and set forth a timeline for when we will get together again and decide on our first few projects as well as make our initial investment. I personally would like to see that done within 60 days after this meeting. Another primary topic for this meeting will be the formation of the companies core group. My plan so far for this is to put together the basic structure of the company, how accounting and bank operations are handled, how communications within the company are handled and by whom, so everyone has transparency about what is going on, how general operations are handles and so forth. I will have drafts of this in time for the meeting but as with everything in a group dynamic everyone should be able to review our process and have their own input. Obviously a decision has to be made at some point, so we will also be deciding on the core group that is able to do that and how they will operate. Make no mistake, with a group dynamic it is definitely an exercise in organization, but I think the sooner we can get this out of the way the sooner we can move forward to the fun parts like implementing our first for profit project and starting this money machine rolling. I will also draft up initial agreements to help us with things like, when we each can realistically expect to be able get profits from this venture and what happens if someone wants to leave the company before or after that, how will that work? things like that which are important to address early on so that everyone is in agreement and there are no unrealistic expectations set. I also want to remind everyone that forming a group like this, can be very profitable for everyone but it is also something that each of us will have to do our part in, in order to be successful. No one is expected to quite their jobs or anything, but there will be significant effort that each of us must commit to at least on a part time basis if we are to succeed. I also cannot stress enough that if you are not willing to commit the time and energy and passion into this effort then no hard feelings but please do not waste my time nor the time of the rest of the group and move on. For us to succeed we each will be expected to be when and where we say we are going to be and to do the things we say will do. I hope to see you each there, I realize it is right near dinner time so although I am not a fan of cheap pizza I will most likely grab a few cheap pizzas and waters so no one has to be hungry while we meet.

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