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Noel Night 2018 - Midtown Detroit. Sat. Dec. 1, 2018 (DDio)
This event takes place at a BUNCH of venues all around midtown. What kind of things will we do? Ice sculptures (those are right by The Thinker). If anyone is doing any aerial acrobatics that's fun! Music - we'll find some Christmas themed music and some bands that might not be so Christmas-ish. We probably will not do much in the DIA since we'll have been there multiple times this year (even though they seem to have a lot!). The Center for Creative Studies has a craft/art show/sale, so we'll possibly go there (they do some blacksmithing and things like that which are fun to watch too!). We'll meet at The Thinker in front of the DIA. The Salvation Army will be there with hot cocoa (please bring money for their red donation pots). The starting location and time may change once we've got the final schedule. We're meeting at The Thinker ( in front of the Detroit Institute of Arts at 4:45PM, we're LEAVING at 4:55 for the first destination. If for some reason The Thinker is blocked off, we'll meet as close to the front doors of the DIA (the left doors if you are facing the building). MY SUGGESTION: Traffic and parking is kind of cRaZy around there, so YOU NEED TO show up early, wander around and then walk out front. I'm planning on checking out an event inside. If you've never been to Noel Night, you've got to go OUR SCHEDULE so far (subject to change): (waiting for the calendar) If we see any fire dancing acrobatics, we're squeezing that in (somehow) I don't see any scheduled, but if it comes up we do have some flexibility built in. I generally avoided local acts that we've seen or perform often (since they perform often we can go see them later). We usually choose NON-local performances over local ones that we can see other times of the year. Art/craft sale at the College for Creative Studies IF there is interest (I can't find times on this). Then we take a walk, so wear comfy shoes and dress warm. Delicious hot food will also be available for sale around town. This is going to be busy and crazy (the colder the better, since other people will stay home and make it easier to get around, we'll be dressed properly, right?). This is probably the busiest event that I'll schedule. So many options and so many people. We can split into groups if there are a lot of people that want to see different things. We'll be walking from place to place and most destinations will be heated, so dress warm but wear stuff you can remove or you'll be melting. The shuttle service has never been around when I've wanted it so I'd rather avoid it (maybe if there is something great farther away). Of course you can break off from the group if something doesn't peek your interest or you want to go warm up for a while and try to meet up with us later. I think last year there were 200+ different things going on over the 4 hours. "The evening’s festivities culminate with a community sing-along on Woodward Avenue led by the Salvation Army Band—a long-standing Noel Night tradition." It's a Christmas event so of course you can bring your kids but like I said it's going to be cRaZy getting around so choose wisely. If multiple people bring kids we might want to split up when there are some places with kids activities going on? Many of the events are in bars/restaurants so I'm not sure what age limits they may have. Car pooling: Of course we can car pool but of course that means you're stuck there until your ride goes back. Maybe some of us could meet up in east Dearborn and split an Uber and not have to worry about traffic/parking. Anyone live closer than Dearborn that we can park at your place and walk/Uber/cab it to the DIA? Warning: Cell reception is VERY limited inside the DIA but the WiFi worked well last time we were there so post to the meetup page if you can't find us.

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I love Detroit and think there are lots of great things to do around here. We’ll mostly do things in the Detroit and Dearborn area, sometimes we'll be inside and sometimes we'll be outside.

We’ve got so many things to do around here we generally don’t need to go much farther. I'll pick the regular places (like the DIA) but I'll try to pick some unique and eclectic places too! Less than a third of our members are from the Detroit or Dearborn area, we're very scattered all over the metro area.

This group is open to nice adults of all ages. While some of the meetups include physical activity, this is not an athletic group (it's social) so don't worry about keeping up it’s not a race (if it's faster than casual bike ride I'll mention it in the description).

WE DO REQUIRE: That you have a photo (check your photo ( and you must answer the profile questions that you get when you sign up (click here ( to see them again). If you have privacy issues with posting your photo you can make arrangements by contacting me (

We're about having fun, being nice, and getting along. See our list of upcoming events (and successful past events ( to see what types things we participate in!

The biggest things I ask of you is to be ready to meet new people, to be nice and to have fun (and to please cancel if you’re not coming).

More information can be found on our "More about this group (" page. You NEED to read this information if you are joining this group (or have already joined).

It is mandatory that you have a profile picture that is recognizable - no cartoons, pets, far off sky-diving shots, etc.. This is so we know who to look for at events!

PLEASE cancel your RSVP if you can't make it. (You need to cancel before the meetup starts, it won't let you after it starts).


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