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Singles in the D is for diverse, progressive individuals who enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, social activities and outdoor adventures. The majority of our events are held in and around the greater Detroit area, but we venture off to nearby areas as well. If you're single and enjoy outdoor activities, good food, fun and laughter while meeting great people and making new friends, this is the group for you!

We are a social group for singles with like minded interests (progressive, multicultural, diversity, environmental, and of course good clean fun). This is NOT a date, match or hookup club. Married folks are not welcome as members (but may come to events as the guest of a member.) Singles who are dating are welcome. A full face photo of yourself is required in order to get approved.

Some values important to this group, and which might have changed:

After the weirdest year of our lives in the U.S. (2020), and a very scary near over-throw of our Democracy by an authoritarian sociopath, it is time to make some priorities in our friend group, set some standards, to make our lives more enjoyable.

This group values social change, progressive thoughts, we support voting rights, we support Fair Fight Initiative (Stacey Abrams), we are involved in or an ally to BLM, we love the, accept and support the LGBTIA community, we believe pandemics are real, we wear face masks during pandemics, we take action to protect our environment/stop global warming; we believe health care should be provided for all; and we support our public education. These are a few issues important to the members of Singles in the D.

This is not an activist group, this is still a social group, but having like-minded individuals at our social events has become very important to enjoying the social experience, don't you agree?

Any unruly elements or people disrupting our meetup event causing an unpleasant experience will be removed out of the group immediately.

We take "No Shows" seriously, if you RSVP YES but do not show up to an event your ability to attend future events could be removed. If you are a chronic "No Show" (having a yes RSVP but not showing up 3 times) you will be removed from this group. If you no show within your first month of membership, or to the first event you RSVP to, you will be removed. Please be considerate of the event hosts and the other members, if your plans change, change your RSVP.

A $1 per event donation is required paid to the Organizer to support fun events being posted.

Rules & policies

1) Your main profile picture must be a clear picture representing yourself (no avatars, cartoons, etc.) That way we can identify you and it helps the group know who is coming without any surprises.

2) It is very important to responsibly manage your RSVP. If you are a no show (having a yes RSVP but not showing up 3 times) you will be removed from the group. This is especially important if there are members on the wait list so they have an opportunity to attend our events.

3) Outside Trips – If there is an overnight night stay, everyone is responsible for own booking, etc. Deposit will be required in advance for certain events. Last minute cancellations are not acceptable for overnight trips.

4) Member Discussion Board - We encourage members to post healthy and relevant topics. Any offending posts will be removed. Please refrain from postings asking for phone # as this is not a dating site. First offense will be a written warning. Second offense you may be removed from the group.

5) We will not tolerate any type of improper behavior from any members from our group. You need to respect others. Do not harass our members online or offline. This includes messaging multiple people online you've yet to meet. If you're caught doing this you'll be removed from the group.

6) This group is not available to those who want to promote their business interests. Please do not use this membership as a way to send invitations for private business concerns. There are other meetups for that purpose.

7) No random posts about hanging out with no relevant details. All meetups should be posted as an organized event. Please reach out to one of the event organizers if you are interested in co-hosting a meetup.

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Burn off the Turkey Hike @ Paint Creek Trail

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