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Dipping a Toe in Functional Programming with Scala
Dipping a Toe in Functional Programming with Scala The promises of object-oriented programming are broken, proclaim pundits like Charles Scalfani. For one thing, the object-oriented paradigm does not properly represent the real world. However, neither does the functional paradigm, sometimes touted as the way forward from the morass of object-oriented programming. The solution is perhaps a hybrid of the two approaches. But how do you leverage years of training in the object-oriented paradigm? By using a programming language that melds the object-oriented paradigm with the functional paradigm. That's where Scala comes in. Designed by Martin Odersky, who made generics in Java a reality, Scala is a functional language for the Java Virtual Machine that takes advantage of the existing object-oriented infrastructure and object-oriented third-party libraries. Scala's “functionality” is paradoxically enabled by the idea that everything in Scala is an object: objects are objects, primitives are objects, and even functions are objects. In this talk, I will show that Scala interoperates seamlessly with Java, and that you don't have to go full functional to take advantage of Scala. You can come in for something simple like operator overloading and very gradually ease into functional concepts, some of which might be familiar from recent ECMAScript additions. And you will also see that with lambdas, Java itself is taking baby steps towards the functional paradigm. --- Alonso del Arte is a U. S. Marine Corps veteran and former U. S. Census enumerator who in August became one of the first to graduate from an Integrate Detroit programming course focusing on test-driven development and pair programming. ***************** 7:00 - Food / Mingling 7:30 - Talk begins ***************** LOCATION: Detroit Labs 1520 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48226 PARKING: Flat fee parking is available at the Detroit Opera House parking structure or metered parking is available on the streets. IS THIS EVENT CATERED: Yes! Thank you to our Sponsor, Detroit Labs! QUESTIONS? I love answering questions, it makes me feel smart! If you have additional questions or would like to talk further, please contact James York ([masked]) or Anne Cahalan ([masked]).

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