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Detroit Machine Learning and our sister chapter Ann Arbor Machine Learning focus on building the machine learning community in Southeast Michigan, establishing this area as a global leader in machine learning, and educating the public on the benefits of using machine learning in all facets of life and business.

Topics Covered:
Not a machine learning developer? Don’t worry! This is not a strictly technical group, nor is it a strictly business oriented group. We cover all types of topics in the machine learning space and we will indicate in the presentation description who the target audience. Our primary goal is to attract a broader audience from different fields, positions, expertise, backgrounds, and perspectives to provide a foundation for more cross-fertilization of ideas and solutions.

Many of our events will be 1.5-2 hour presentations of key concepts in the field. But we will also provide longer workshop-like events, as well as help to organize conferences focused on machine learning. We will partner with other groups with similar interests in the area to help optimize our efforts and provide our community with the best opportunities to learn more about machine learning.

Past events (2)

CANCELED - Machine Learning in Mobile - Data Science on the Mobile Edge!

Wayne State University - Student Center

Practical Machine Learning in Enterprise

Quicken Loans Qube Building

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