Ethereum: Building for the Masses

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During the last Portis meetup, we discussed the challenges of Ethereum's scalability and how to solve them.

However, making sure decentralized apps (DApps) can run fast and cheap is not enough. We have to make sure those DApps are easy to build, remain unstoppable and are super simple to use.

We are proud to host three guests who came to Israel to attend and speak in its first blockchain week ever and will share their thoughts on the challenges they face as they build products that will bring the blockchain to the masses.

🍕 We will meet at 18:00 for pizza and beers, with the talks themselves kicking off at 18:30 🍕

📈 Fireside chat about blockchain adoption trends with Teck Chia, Head of Binance X 📈

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volumes, has rolled out a platform for developers, called Binance X, with the ultimate goal of boosting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
Before speaking at the Ethereal Summit on Sunday, Teck will talk with us about Binance X as well as recent adoption trends, both in the developer and application spaces.

Teck Chia leads Binance X, an initiative to foster innovation on the Binance platform and the general ecosystem at large. Before that, he has played the role of an investor, entrepreneur, product manager and software engineer at companies like Facebook and Oracle. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and founded, a smart contracts platform on Bitcoin. Teck holds a BSc. and MEng. in Computer Science from Cornell University.

🌐 Michael O'Rourke: An optimistic view on decentralization 🌐

Michael will be speaking about some recent trends with a focus on infrastructure in the blockchain space and what that means for us in the future.

Michael is the CEO of Pocket Network, a protocol that incentivizes individuals and businesses to run full nodes for any cryptocurrency. Creator of the Tampa Bay Blockchain Developer meetup. Working towards a decentralized world.

👾 Fireside chat about blockchain, art, and gaming with Marguerite deCourcelle, CEO of Blockade Games 👾

Before speaking at the Ethereal Summit on Sunday, Marguerite will join us to talk about the rise of blockchain in the world of gaming and art, help us learn about the trends and challenges in the space and discuss what's in store in the coming future.

Marguerite deCourcelle has built a brand within the Bitcoin community under a long list of blockchain art and puzzle challenges. Marguerite thrives at the intersection of blockchain, art, and gaming. She is credited with creating the genre now known as "cryptopuzzles" from which she received international publicity. She has built numerous cryptocurrency communities due to her growth hacking skills. In 2018 she launched Blockade Games, a blockchain game studio, which was the natural next step in her career. The game studio is now developing Neon District, a Final Fantasy inspired cyberpunk RPG.

💬🎥 All lectures will be in English and will be recorded 🎥💬