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Developer Relations - Welcome Event

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Denis R. and Wahib Ul H.
Developer Relations - Welcome Event


This is our first meetup event so we are intentionally keeping it simple and open.

This event is for everyone who is somehow involved with our tech ecosystem. Just bring your curiosity and smiles :)



18:30 Networking, Food & Drinks

19:00 Talk: The Why and How of networking and public speaking

There isn't a more suitable person in Munich to talk about this topic than Johann. Probably you know him already through the reference of Stylight and DAHO.AM conference. He is quite a known face in Munich Tech Scene. He will present an overview of what activities are important for the engineering culture of a tech company and why companies should invest in them. What is tech evangelism and how one can bring some digital transformation changes within their company.

Johann has been in the tech industry for almost 20 years, where he started by building prototypes for various startups before co-founding Seesmic in 2007 (acquired in 2012).

After 7 years in San Francisco riding the startup roller-coaster, Johann moved to Munich where he worked as a Tech Evangelist for 3 years, becoming a catalyst for the Munich tech ecosystem. Over the past 3 years, Johann organized more than 200 Meetup events, and brought the DAHO.AM conference from 300 to 1400 attendees, turning it into one of the largest Deep Tech conference in Germany

In 2018, Johann joined Techstars as a Managing Director for the BSH Future Home Accelerator where he invests in early-stage companies in the Smart Home/Connected Kitchen space.

19:40 Talk: Community at Elastic - The why, what and how

Community, Developer Relations, Developer Evangelism - same, same but different.

In this session, Alexander Reelsen will talk about how Community is done at Elastic. Helping users in the forums, at conferences, doing talks, preparing all of those, having an overall strategy, aligning it with the company goals, running specialized programs, running across timezones throughout the world throughout vastly different cultures requires a lot of effort and even more empathy.

Alexander Reelsen is a Developer, Advocate & Dad, works since 2013 distributed at Elastic, is interested in search, scale, JVM, crystallang, serverless and Basketball

20:30 Discussion and Networking

Erika-Mann-Straße 33 · München, BY